Gulf Of Finland. Финский залив. Suomenlahti
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Петербург, Ленинградская область...


from Jan Fröjdman

This work was part of the M3M (Maximum 3 Minutes) event and presented at the Finnish Nature Photographers Association's winter days in March 2015. It consists of short random scenes throughout the year showing some of the Finnish nature.
There are different techniques used here based on both videos and stills. I also used some raw video shooted with my 6D (Magic Lantern).
Shot with Canon EOS 6D and 7D. Made in 1080p but showed here at 720p.
Software mainly used: Photoshop CS6, ACR, Magic Lantern, Davinchi Resolve, PicturesToExe
Some sound effects with Zoom 4HN, or camera built-in mic
other effects:


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